Grzebyk i Spółka - hairdresser’s salon


We provide psychological comfort to our small and large customers. We offer an adaptation visit, during which we show the child our salon, familiarize it with attractions and most importantly – we build a relationship based on security. We will make you feel like at home 🙂


We work on accessories and cosmetics from reputable companies.


We realize that most of our clients would like to look outstanding during important events in their lives. You are waiting for your visit as short time as possible.


In our salon we will take care of your hair and nails, so that the only thing left to do is jump into your favorite dress or suit and go to this unique event.

Cutting and modeling for children

We offer clipping and modeling services for children by our qualified staff. We treat them with special care. A little customer can choose between two "armchairs" (cars), or a mum or daddy's knee. In order to get used to the new place, a toddler can take advantage of a play corner under the supervision of an animator.

Men's and Women's cutting and modeling

Grzebyk i Spółka oferuje usługi fryzjerskie zarówno dla kobiet, jak i dla mężczyzn, a także pakiety rodzinne (mama i córka, tata i syn, ja i brat, ja i siostra). Nasi fryzjerzy wykonują zarówno strzyżenia, jak i zabiegi pielęgnacyjne zgodne z oczekiwaniami i życzeniami klientów. Nasz przeszkolony personel doradzi odpowiedni kształt fryzury, tak, aby fryzura była jak najlepiej dopasowana do kształtu głowy i rysów twarzy.

Hair dyeing

Hair coloring and dyeing is one of the flagship services offered by hair salons. Our staff pays particular attention to choosing the shade of paint. Adequately suited to the beauty of the color, it will emphasize what is the most beautiful, incorrectly selected face that will draw attention to the shortcomings of our beauty. We work on KEMON products.

Nail art

We offer you a range of services related to styling and nail care, including hybrid half-pedicure, semi-stop (without milling), japanese, classic and hybrid pedicure, gel extension and restoration (+ hybrid), japanese, hybrid and traditional manicure.

Henna and eyebrow and eyelash regulation

We suggest coloring eyebrows and eyelashes with henna. Eyelashes and eyebrows dyed with henna last for about 4 weeks. It is a fast, safe and cheap treatment. The treatment can be performed together with eyebrow adjustment.

Grzebyk i Spółka
ul. Obrońców Wybrzeża 23 street
80-398 Gdansk
Pomeranian Voivodeship
NIP: 8792541246


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